Compliance is everyone's responsibility. Compliance programs are intended to reduce errors and fraudulent behavior--even inadvertent fraudulent behavior. With the introduction of the HITECH Act, maintaining a compliance program has become a basic necessity for any medical practice. We at MBR encourage all our clients to create and maintain an ongoing compliance program.

We are committed to helping our clients remain compliant, and we have provided resources to help you in the effort to develop your own plan. We have many more reference materials outside our website available for you to use to develop a practice compliance program. 

The attached documents are for reference only. They can be modified to meet the specific needs of your organization. These resources do not serve as legal advice for your compliance program, and MBR assumes no liability and shall be indemnified against any legal action regarding these resources. These documents are intended to provide the framework on which to build your own compliance program.

These documents were assembled from a variety of sources. Although we have included a few sample plans, creating your own program is best. Compliance contributes toward creating an ethical culture within your organization. My best advice in preventing payor audits in the first place is implementing your own practice compliance program.


Barry Shatzman, CHBME

Compliance Officer